Our Unique Approach

Our approach to providing transformational education is a blend of consulting and coaching. What makes this unique is our ability to look at business outcomes and goals (consulting) and create a custom program that provides a structure for the individual to look at their unique attributes and to achieve those outcomes (coaching).

The environment is simultaneously interactive and introspective, providing a structure for optimum learning. Each participant will learn how to become aware of their own limitations revealing when and how they get stuck or stopped at any point in the business, their career or their life (often originating from fear).

Leveraging this awareness, participants learn how to create new structures to break through these limitations. Each participant will leave the program with unique insights about themselves to help them achieve what they want in business and in life.

True North works with organizations to custom develop Leadership Development Programs by identifying the gaps that are preventing them from moving from “where they are” and “where they want to go.” 

In addition to our custom-designed services, one of our current programs may work for you.

Business Workshops – One Day

Have It All ~ On Your Terms:

Live an extraordinary life, designed by you, uniquely for you, because there is only one you!

Leaders Move the Conversation Forward:

Enroll others to see your vision, create followership and achieve your goals!


Identify gaps to improve, grow and stay strong through tough times.  It’s how you come through life and business challenges that reveal leaders! 

Creating Followership: 

Why the leaders we admire are humble, messy and vulnerable.  They share themselves, have integrity, and stand for others. They are grounded which empowers them to have a point of view for others to follow.

Relationships with a Purpose:

Go beyond networking. Are you making a difference for others? Your Managers, Leaders, Peers and Clients?  Learn how to get sponsored for a project or promotion.

We’re Better Together:

Women and Men are supposed to be different. How to leverage your unique and innate strengths to innovate, collaborate and lead! Remove judgment and distractions to create leadership velocity!

Get a Seat at the Table And What to Do When You Get There: 

Are you are part of the conversation or tagged in only to execute? How to break down barriers and get a seat at the table!

What Glass Ceiling: 

Don’t be victimized by the limiting belief of a class ceiling.  Women are redefining the corporate landscape from an empowered place.  What do you want?  Create the Career of Your Dreams.

Find Your Voice:

How to be a powerful stand that also shows up as ease, confidence, peace, levity, and wisdom.  Having a point of view, position and a plan, you can gracefully stand and face what is holding you back  and have your breakthrough to the next level in life and business.


It’s everywhere and it’s holding you back in business and in life!   What is missing or in the way? What are you afraid of?  If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you create in business and in life?

Individual Workshops – One Day

Invest in you, while networking with others on the same journey!


  1. What you are meant to do, not what you have done.
  2. How to rebrand yourself
  3. Find the ideal career or business that aligns with your purpose and goals.
  4. The steps to make the impossible, possible.

Past Workshops

  • Cisco ~ Connected Women & Partners.  Herndon, Virginia
  • Women in Technology ~ Overcoming Fear. McLean, Virginia
  • Cisco ~ International Woman’s Day ~16 countries Europe & Emerging Markets
  • Women’s Center ~ Women’s Leadership Conference, Virginia
  • George Mason University ~ How to Leverage Your MBA in Business, Fairfax, Virginia
  • Women Empowered to Achieve The Impossible (WETATI) ~ Leadership Development, Baltimore, Maryland
  • The Ladies of Washington DC ~ Washington DC
  • Women in Technology ~ Mentor-Protege Program, Washington, DC
  • Exhibitors Tradeshow ~ How to Get a Seat at the Table and What to Do When you Get There, Las Vegas, NV
  • Tibetan Chamber of Commerce ~ Global Commerce and Branding & Marketing Workshops, Dharamsala, India
  • Legaci ~ Time Management Strategies to Achieve Your Goals, Baltimore, MD
  • Cisco ~ Empowered Women’s Network Quarterly Workshops, San Francisco, CA
  • Redefining Work-Life Balance: Family, Career, Love and Money, Bethesda, Maryland

Leadership Workshop

  • Your leadership identity.
  • What you want to create.
  • The steps to make the impossible, possible.