Squeeze More Life Out of Time

Manage Your Mind, Energy and Minutes to Live an Extraordinary Life


It’s not always about fame, fortune or glory. It’s about living a life designed by you, uniquely for you, because there is no one like you!

You are one-of-a-kind. Only you get to determine what it means to live an Extraordinary Life.

Squeeze More Life Out of Time shares the secrets and techniques the most successful, happy, impactful people in the world use to live extraordinary lives and you can too! Going far beyond life hacks and tips to be more productive,

Squeeze More Life Out of Time reconnects you to



The reasons you aren’t living the life you want is filled with stories, excuses, and fear. It’s time to let go of those limiting thoughts and begin to live an Extraordinary Life from this moment forward! Squeeze More Life Out of Time shares how to change your predictable, automatic behaviors that are holding you back to breakthrough and fearlessly create more love, peace, joy, health and financial stability in your life. Squeeze More Life Out of Time provides a framework and steps for you to follow with lots of exercises to explore what lies ahead by listening to the answers that are within you!

Why You Didn’t Get the Job

10 Steps for Success in Business, A Women’s Guide to Navigating Her Way to the Top!

This book is designed for the smart, savvy businesswoman who has what it takes to achieve her full potential, knows there is more and wants to get there faster.  Imagine how it would feel to get what you deserve, not just what you need. Where would you direct your life if you knew you couldn’t fail? What would be possible if you had insider secrets on how to land your next big promotion?

In Why You Didn’t Get the Job, Diane Cashin, a business strategist, and executive transformation expert explains how your journey to the executive suite does not have to be a struggle. This powerful executive pays it forward with 10 action steps on how to get what you want. The strategies she offers are based on 30 years of leadership experience working with some of corporate America’s biggest companies.

Diane shares real-life, hidden techniques that empower you to immediately take control of your future and become unstoppable.  Through self-awareness, honesty, empowerment, and velocity, discover how to accelerate your way to an executive-level position.  You will achieve life-changing breakthroughs by removing roadblocks and facing candid, sometimes uncomfortable insights that will propel you forward. It is the ultimate woman’s leadership guide to navigate your way to the top and enjoy every step of your journey.

If you want results as fast as possible, let this book be your personal guide. Join the movement to build the next wave of women executives who will transform the business landscape.  Be Bold.  Be Fearless. Be Unstoppable

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