True North’s Story

In life and business, there will be many twists and turns with certain points of clarity. It is up to you to seek out the right path and stick to it, no matter what obstacles are in your way.  The direction you choose has to be right for you. Not what you are “supposed to do” or what you “think you should do,” but what you were meant to do. That is following your True North.

When you find your True North, the polarizing power of that awareness guides you to your strength and purpose. That certainty is the most important part of your journey. It empowers you to cut out the negatives, and focus on the future you want and deserve.

Take control of your course and get there faster. Follow your True North.

We Create Unstoppable Leaders

True North partners with companies to develop, transform, and advance their executives to become unstoppable leaders who are personally fulfilled and professionally empowered.

Blend of Consulting & Coaching

We blend consulting and coaching strategies and techniques to create unprecedented results for leaders and their organizations.

Executive Transformation

We transform high-caliber executives to maximize their potential, amplify their confidence, accelerate their success and become impassioned leaders.

How We Work

We guide others through self-awareness, honestly, and empowerment. We help remove roadblocks and achieve massive breakthroughs. Our goal is to identify each individual’s True North direction in life so they can achieve what previously seemed impossible.

What Clients Can Depend On

We promise to always be honest, transparent, and non-judgmental with our clients. We guide companies and their leaders by sharing perspectives, reflections, ideas, and strategies to move forward. We stand with executives, committed to achieving their goals and help them get their faster.

Who We Work With

True North partners with organizations that have talent in their ranks who have reached a plateau or sticking point in their development.  Clients who see the value in investing in the development of their leaders to take on new positions, challenges, and see the value in the individual’s potential.

Credible, Experienced Experts

Founder and CEO Diane Cashin’s vision and results are based on 30 years of leadership experience working with some of Corporate America’s biggest names including Cisco, Lockheed Martin, Siemens, and The Department of Veteran Affairs.

Diane has authored two books. 

Why You Didn’t Get the Job,” Ten Steps for Success in Business, A Woman’s Guide to Navigating Her Way to the Top, is for women seeking leadership positions. 

“Squeeze More Life Out of Time,” Manage Your Mind, Energy and Minutes to Live and Extraordinary Life is for anyone who wants to live every moment to its fullest, even when life is hard and are in the darkest valley. While published before her near-death car accident that left her totally disabled for 6 months, causing her entire life to implode, each day, Diane applied the philosophies and framework shared in “Squeeze More Life out of Time,” to heal faster. She moved beyond surviving to thriving — recreating her entire life anew.

A Great Experience

Our clients experience integrity, honesty, and a commitment to creating velocity to achieve ambitious goals. Components include raw authenticity, and challenging reflections presented, with the understanding that everything is for their best interest and development.

What does “Your True North” mean?

Finding your “True North” is about choosing the right direction for yourself. Not what you are “supposed to do” or what you “think you should do,” but what you were meant to do.

When you find your True North, the polarizing power of that awareness guides you to your strength and purpose. That certainty is the most important part of your journey. Cut out the negatives, and focus on the future.

We Never Assume

We never assume that you need coaching or consulting, but you can always use a partner to provide a different perspective. That’s what we are. Let’s sit down, have a conversation and see if it makes sense to work together based on your specific needs.

Interaction in a Busy World

We value in-person interaction but also recognize that we live in a fast-paced world. We also use virtual meetings and phone calls to work together.

Committed to Your Needs

Our contract lengths depend on the goals and initiatives of the specific project or challenge we are dealing with. After we assess your project, we’ll provide our recommendation of how long our partnership engagement should last. From there, we can decide how best to proceed.

What Is Success?

We can help you identify what success looks like, or if you already know, we can help take the action to get there.

Think of us as the ultimate business tool, a service that offers a dynamic method for executive transformation and leadership development that’s proven to increase personal fulfillment on the individual level while maximizing company-wide goals for growth and profit.

Helping You Sustain

Our mission is to create sustainable transformation and advancement in your organization.

We support that change until it is able to support itself. We are available for on-going check-ins and any new challenges as success evolves over time.