Markers of Time. Honoring Adonna

It was two years ago today my sister Adonna was called “Home.”  She was my best friend.  And I miss her every day. Adonna created the most extraordinary moments and memories for everyone in her life. 

Adonna’s passing inspired me to write “Squeeze More Life Out of  Time ~ How to Manage your Mind, Energy, and Minutes to Live an Extraordinary Life,“ which was published — one year, almost to the date of her passing in April of 2019.

Then, two weeks later, on May 10, 2019, I would be in a near-death car accident, which would put everything on hold in my life, including the book, until the spring of 2020.  I used the philosophies and framework to heal and make every moment extraordinary even when I was confined to bed and it taking 6 months to walk again.

Now here it is, two years later. April 20, 2020. As I sit quietly and let my heart miss my Adonna. It dawned on me that once again, this week is symbolic.  It will be a busy week of interviews and podcasts launching this week about Squeeze More Life Out of Time.

I’m not exactly sure what it is about this time of year that seems to be a catalyst for massive life-altering events to culminate in my life. Like every significant marker in time, it has us reflect upon events that have happened along our life’s timeline.

Now as I reflect on the events of 2018 and 2019 my life felt like it was contracting. I felt small, helpless and lost.

And yet in the midst of the uncertainties of 2020, I feel like I am beginning to expand. To create and live once again.  I am in the midst of creating a new life and lots of extraordinary moments await. Life is so precious. Every moment matters. We are reminded that family, friends, health, love, peace, joy are most important and our soul craves these experiences.

Today I am honoring and celebrating my sister Adonna.  For every life she has touched — especially mine — and how Adonna lived her life created a ripple effect and a deep calling from my soul to write “Squeeze More Life Out of Time.” 

On this two-year anniversary of Adonna going Home, I invite you to make every moment extraordinary too! When you purchase a copy of “Squeeze More Life Out of Time,” you will get the Extraordinary Life Framework and Workbook for you to design and create your unique, one-of-a-kind extraordinary life.  

Profits from “Squeeze More Life Out of Time” book sales this week will be donated to charity in honor of my sister Adonna.

My Sister, Adonna

I met my sister and first best friend Adonna for the first time when she was 7 and I was now the 6th member of our family.

Seeing the world and my sisters life through the lens of this seven-year difference sets the stage for the amazing relationship we would have.  I would be inspired by her creativity and playfulness, her ability to stand firmly as a protector and her ability to make others feel loved.

You see, when you look at it through this lens imagine being seven years old and having a sister who is 14. She was so beautiful, shy, and really smart. 

By the time I was 10 she was a young woman of 17 and she was so creative. Her ability to draw, paint, play guitar and sing left me in awe.     

I recall coming down the stairs and seeing a dress pattern being pinned and cut out on the living room floor.  I asked my sister what she was doing she said “I’m making myself a dress and I thought — What?  You can sew too???  And then she dyed her shoes to match her outfit.  There is just no end to what she could create.  I was so jealous of her!  I so wanted to be her!

When I was 12 Adonna and Tom were married.   At 13 I would be a Godmother to their son Tommy.   Adonna and I would begin a whole new relationship.  I think it was predominately so I would babysit, but to see her create beautiful new home with Tom in the Northeast — which seemed like and eternity away from us!   Watching her step into the role of wife & mother would be another place that I would learn from —  everything she did had a touch of perfection.   Tommy Amy and Shannon would be the best dressed kids with impeccable manners and she would create a warm and loving home life.

So over the next few years Adonna and Tom would focus on raising their three wonderful children and I would spend time in this magical home as a babysitter and little sister.

And then something interesting and unexpected happened.  I graduated from high school and started working with lawyers.  And right around this time, she began working at Jeanes Hospital and was working with doctors.  I was 18 or 19 and she would be 25 and we would both realize together that we out of our league and had much to learn!  Our mother always said that not having a college degree didn’t mean you weren’t smart.  So Adonna and I began helping each other.  We practiced speaking properly and studying.  While we couldn’t travel the world like the lawyers and doctors we decided we would go to a different restaurant to experience international cuisine! 

Adonna, Tom and their kids made amazing memories for my son Paul, my daughter Samantha and especially me!  So much laughter and silliness and we competed to see who could teach each other’s kids the worst habits!  Being around her creativity made for every event and occasion to be fun and memorable.  

When Adonna put together an event, you knew you were going out have a great time and there would be hundreds of pictures capturing it all!

My sister Adonna touched so many people’s lives in her capacity in the healthcare field.  She made a difference to so many for so many years!

I would capture Adonna’s Essence as Creativity, Protector, Memory-Maker, Beauty and Love.